Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marital bliss

Innovations in wedding cake design from the UK. Thanks RGA for the pic.


Anonymous,  4:29 pm  

noooooooooooo way

dapxin 5:53 pm  

speech -----------------------less. *lol*

Anonymous,  5:53 pm  

lol, why it gotta be a black woman holding the black dick? just curious?

chayoma 6:46 pm  

please someone tell me there were no kids at that wedding?

am with Anon, why it gotta be black??


Jeremy 6:57 pm  

Girls - am I hearing you want to stare at a white dick?

Aaron Rowe 7:06 pm  

Is it a cake for the infamous penis thief?

Anonymous,  7:27 pm  

I'm assuming this is a bachelorette party?

Anonymous,  9:19 pm  

Shameful. What grossness. Are there no more limits? The bride and groom should cover themselves in shame?

FIGE 9:39 pm  

Some what nice, creativity i must say......

Kike,  11:18 pm  

That's verging on the limits of bad taste!

Sugabelly 11:33 pm  

@Anonymous: Get over it. That's what wives do (among other things) they suck dick.

And anyway it's a Bachelorette party. You're supposed to be a little dirty.

@Everyone else: Obviously the bride and groom are both Black, hence the blackness of the penis and hand on the cake.

Anonymous,  1:15 pm  

She has him by the balls alright!!! Its kind of symbolic really as some men think that when they get married their balls no longer belong to them. Good visual about what marriage may mean to some.

Anonymous,  2:08 pm  

@Sugabelly: "...that's what wives do (among other things) they suck dick..."

You got that right although not sure how many Nigerian women got the memo...

Anonymous,  6:32 pm  

what the hell kind of wedding would that be? who in God's name would attend a ceremony like that and actully stay? is it for a nudist colony wedding somewhere?

next thing we know grooms are going to start getting married wearing crotchless trousers...just ridiculous...

Toksboy 3:39 pm  

I'm suspicious of sugabelly's responses. They seem "personal". LOL

Anonymous,  7:56 pm  

You people need to release some of that frustration!

Olu,  10:20 pm  

Circumcision is a good thing.

FIGE 7:56 am  

nigerian wives? i ihope so.......they are too good for such, thats what i hear from my friends...

Anonymous,  4:32 pm  

Which shop exactly is this cake from? I would love to have something like this for my hen night! Except there hafta be some balls on it...big, hairy balls...YUM.


Anonymous,  11:56 pm  

Suck suck suck. Natural instinct when one sees a naked d*** so close. All that white icing against the black. Good imagery.

Anonymous,  12:16 am  

Far cry from the nigeria church wedding when the groom is not allowed to kiss the bride in church! This cake, on the other hand, would set an appropriate tone for the tasks ahead...

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