Friday, July 31, 2009

End of the wicked

A few days ago, Helen Ukpabio's nutcases invaded a conference on the child-witch phenomenon and roughed up those in the audience. Watch the video to see her people at work. Click here to sign an online petition to close her operation down.


In my head and around me 1:14 pm  

This is so sick. It is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous,  3:19 pm  

Paranoia, deep, dark ignorance, poverty and a shaky cultural identity = lack of independent or rational thinking. Nigeria is a jackpot for dangerous false prophets like Helen Ukpabio.
And where was the police while this was going on?

Anonymous,  4:05 pm  

i'm not surprised they invaded. jeremy learn to read between the lines...i dont think they invaded becuase they really think children are witches, they more likely invaded cuz they dont like how PACT has been 'maligning' their name. its called revenge.

chayoma 5:38 pm  

i am most definitely signing the petition!

Baba,  5:55 pm  

The elder being interviewed in the closing seconds of the video sums it up.

The sight of the so-called militia again remind me of the youth in the north, jobless and ignorant - and worst of all can be hired at little to no cost to spread propaganda and destruction.

I just signed the petition but I am not sure how much that will help.

Thanks for spreading.

Anonymous,  9:41 pm  

lost for words. how do people who claim to be christians end up behaving like animals? these people do not worship God.

Anonymous,  2:04 am  

all I can say with all the disgust my weary soul can muster is a big NYAMA.......

yours truly 3:45 am  

whats happening in our country??!...this is totally ridiculous! Barbaric even!!!

pam 3:26 pm  

anonymous@ 4.05pm

They are suing already... that should be revenge enough if they win.

Revenge over a film coming from Helens followers is rich. A few years ago Helen Ukpabio had a film in the market where Nigerian Catholics did not ascend during the rapture(apparently in league with the devil) and the Pope was the antichrist.

I dont recall them suing her or disrupting her services or events.

Anonymous,  6:40 pm  

I have never seen an Ukpabio movie, cos the trailers did it for me. In all of this though, are we not making a scapegoat out of her, is this not akin to mob action? This will only drive it underground, I believe education and child protection laws and enforcement will go a long way.Something tells me that Oga and Oga's wife have accused many a domestic worker of "witchcraft".

They came ready for a holy ghost fire prayer intervention, not funny, but funny.

P.s. Oga and Oga's wife may have gone to Helen Ukpabio for "special prayers", why should they shut her down?

Anonymous,  5:21 pm  

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