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Nigeria, world's 15th most failed state

Nigeria is number 15 on the failed state list, according Foreign Policy magazine's latest ranking. It is up 4 places on last year's score. Obama's destination for tomorrow, Ghana, is ranked 124..


Anonymous,  11:28 am  

With all due respect, it's an irrelevant list if ever there was one.

Jaycee 12:35 pm  

For some reason, I'm aching to hear about the technological inclination of do they rate the Country on a technology scale?

Anonymous,  4:31 pm  

nonsense! that list is soooo ridiculous i dont even know where to start.

on a tech scale I would say not too good. there is a huge disparity between old and young and of course city and rural dwellers (in my experience).

Don Thieme 5:04 pm  

I think the concept of a "failed state" is a valid one. However, most failed states are so repressive or chaotic as to make it impossible to conduct objective polls. In addition, many interventionist foreign powers manipuulate the concept to justify neocolonialist actions which are no improvement over the status quo for the people involved.

Feral Female 1:09 am  

I didn't know that you could use the noun Nigeria like that.

Is it a 'state'?

Wow, we're above Ethiopia. I have a love-hate relationship with statistics, they prove that things aren't always as bad as they seem or as rosey either. I mean Ghana our neightbour is at least 100 states below on the list - they deserve an applause.

Maybe Ghana is a better place *sobs*.

Anonymous,  11:21 am  

A failed state has several attributes. Common indicators include a state whose central government is so weak or ineffective(CORRECT)that it has little practical control over much of its territory(PARTIALLY); non-provision of public services(CORRECT); widespread corruption and criminality(CORRECT); refugees and involuntary movement of populations(MINIMAL); sharp economic decline(PARTIALLY).

*Whatever we say we all know its true

Anonymous,  3:22 pm  

A different take on the Ghana Speech",25197,25777607-7583,00.html

chinny 1:13 pm  

this supposed fact doesnt seem to have stopped western parasites like yourself from living a life of luxury in nigeria and treating with utter contempt the nigerian people who have so kindly allowed you to be a guest in their country, if nigeria is according to your information the 15th failed state - can i ask what you are doing living there?

ive noticed from reading a few of your blogs that you like to engage in bashing a country in which you are enjoying benefits which you would never dream of enjoying in your own country - i find it a tad hypocritical of you to be pointing out nigeria's faults when the genesis of nigeria's problems can be traced back to the long term devastating effect of the trans atlantic slave trade which your country (britain) was a leading proponent of, followed by colonialism and now neo colonialism.

if you are as educated and knowledgeable as you claim to be, you would be presenting a more objective picture in light of what has gone on in the past instead of focusing on problems which have been directly caused by imperialist powers. why arent you condemning the world bank, imf and other international economic bandit cartels which engage in the economic destruction of african countries by way of so called economic recovery packages such as Structural adjustment programmes where western leaders bribe african leaders NOT to pay off outstanding interest on loans so that they (western powers) can retain their stranglehold on african natural resources and thereby continue to cripple the growth of african economies.

if nigeria is no 15 on your list of failed states - could that be because your western leaders continue to sell arms to corrupt puppet dictators put in place by your western countries to suppress dissent from its people, could it be because your corrupt western multinationals such as shell bp, chevron, continue to collude with corrupt nigerian government officials in order to keep oil prices down and simultaneously create environmental destruction in the oil producing areas. could it be because corrupt western companies such as haliburton, (owned by former US vice president - dick cheney ) continue to offer enormous bribes to nigerian officials in exchange for multi billion dollar oil and gas contracts.

and the UK is such a success story with its rising unemployment, crime, squalid housing, rising xenophobia (the securing of an MEP seat in the European Parliament by Griffin of the BNP), collapse of the housing market and extension of its police state laws - attempt to remove the right of habeas corpus

why dont you look at your own country before you dole out unwanted advice to a country which is trying to rid itself of imperialist parasites like yourself in order to move forward.

Adamu,  11:46 am  

Chinny, you are making a lot of assumption about Jeremy. You don't even know his situation. What exactly is there to enjoy in this god forsaken country of yours? The near absence of light and the constant use of generator? The lack of water and the regular use of water tankers, the daily insecurity? the lack of access to decent medical care, the death-trap roads, unaccountable governments? Please pray tell what you think there is to enjoy. I know Jeremy and I certainly know that he is quality of life is certainly worse in Nigeria compare to the UK. What I don't understand is why he continues to stay here. But that is his sahlala!!

Get off this imperialist horse and get a life. We are responsible for our own destiny. What happens to us today, is our own fault and we cannot keep blaming the best. We can change our the course of our lives and yet we haven't. In nearly 50yrs, we have changed nothing about our future, only ensured that many of us will remain impoverished. We can continue to blame white people, but ultimately we are to blame. If a stranger without a gun came to your house and ask you to give him your hard earned cash or life possession, will just hand it to him on a silver plate with a fight? Get a life.

chinny 9:30 pm  


all the problems that you have mentioned are problems that can be eradicated if the vast oil revenues that the nigerian govt makes is chanelled into the correct sources, but as you know they are not and this is primarily because of the corrupt puppets that are currently in positions of power in nigeria. These puppets are being propped up by these western powers who are bleeding the nigerian economy dry and they will continue to do so until the people decide that enough is enough.

nigeria is a young country believe it or not 50 is not that old with regard to the development of a nation. it took nations like britain and the united states centuries to attain the positions of power that they currently hold and this was done mainly by way of genocide, enslavement of african people and imperialist ideologies. i am of the opinion that nigeria would have progressed so much more had it NOT been for western intervention in the form of the transatlantic slave trade which caused enormous manpower depletion (not to mention psychological damage) followed shortly by the scramble for africa in the 19th century where africa was carved up and shared out amongst various european powers.

if as you say i am blaming the white man for self inflicted problems maybe you would be kind enough to explain to me why progressive leaders such as Murtala Muhammed were eliminated despite their noble intentions for nigeria.

I beleive that any sensible person who is thinking critically will understand that nation states take time to evolve and develop especially where these states have faced sabotage, economic manipulation and destruction at every attempt to grow.

Monday Midnite 11:56 pm  

110 BILLION dollars is looted from our treasury every year. 20 TRILLION dollars was looted between 1960 and 2005, which, by the way, is more than the total amount of money spent to rebuild Europe after WW2. And some of you don't believe Nigeria is a failed State? We must own up to our diseases so that we can peradventure find the much needed cure for them.

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Monday Midnite-Bring back the money

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