Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FT feature in the Financial Times earlier this week

Download the PDF here.


Anonymous,  5:34 pm  

I encourage every one to read this. It makes for an excellent read.

Richard,  6:38 pm  

I printed and I've read the first few articles. I must agree that every nigerian abroad who wants to have a feel of what's happening back home should read it. It covers all the major issues concerning Nigeria today and is not all negative; the few sprouts of positive developments here and there are highlighted as well.

saratu 9:12 pm  

It's such bull****. Emerging middle class, my foot. Working in a bank or telecomms doesn't make you middle class; it makes you RICH. I would say there is indeed a middle class when the bus drivers and marketwomen are not living in penury and can readily afford to live comfortably-- though not luxuriously-- and social services are available to cater to their needs.

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