Friday, July 10, 2009

Politicians and their asses...


Anonymous,  4:59 pm  

boys will be

Sassy Trends 7:10 pm  

Are u sure this is real?

richard,  7:26 pm  

So Jeremy have you seen the video for the first picture you've got there? It seems to tell a completely different story.

Anonymous,  9:42 pm  

Pix 1 doesn't tell the real story -et tu Jeremy?

Anonymous,  10:02 pm  

Even if pic 1 does not tell the real story, I am drawn to that backside...And I am female

dapxin 2:35 am  

lies. lies.lies anonymous. :)

Sarkozy == real deal.

Thi,  4:53 pm  

Lies. Photo was taken out of context. Go to ABC to see the full video and you'll see Obama is innocent. Sick people, some journalists.

Anonymous,  9:31 am  

But them girls is not easy!

Feral Female 1:12 am  

I don't believe it, someone has to be a real addict/perv to do such things live on television because they undergo training, therapy and all sorts of strategies to make sure they control their public image.

A whoops - 'she had a nice ass, can you blame me' moment is not a good excuse - or funny.

There are men who are not of power who don't perv, so why should the president think he's any different??

יש (Yosh) 10:25 am  

I can't argue for Berlusconi!!! :-) He's had one too many references to be very...easy with his hormones and how he acts

Anonymous,  9:42 pm  

how come no one talks about the woman looking at the aussie's PM's weewee

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