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Pupil pleasure...

While on the lurve theme, school pupils in the UK have been advised to have regular sex to stay healthy by the NHS, with the slogan “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”. If you can't get sex, masturbation at least twice a week is also lubriciously recommended.

I like this innovative approach. Kids start having sex from the age of 12, or sometimes younger - that's the reality. Better to embrace what goes and offer advice on it than trying to sweep it under the carpet.


plastiQQ 1:28 pm  

WTH? You kidding right? eh, Jeremy

Anonymous,  2:11 pm  

Jay, your kidding right? RIGHT???!!! You dont have children thats why you said this and maybe you should consider being neutered...

Jeremy 2:22 pm  

Last anonymous: very funny. Whether I have kids or not doesn't change the reality. Or is it that part of the hormonal secretions that keep parents being parents includes a chemical combination that fools parents into thinking their kids are not from a young age sexual beings (I've always suspected this btw.)

Emi,  2:39 pm  

HEH!Same way to sweep STD's,unwanted pregnancies etc under the carpet abi? because no matter how much sex education they have (that would have been your next point), these are just kids who are not mature enough to make the right decisions. So instead of guiding them away from the fire, we say burn your hand well, well!

Yinka,  4:15 pm  

Emi, rather than guiding them away from the fire, you simply guide them on the consequences of their action. There is nothing more alluring than trying to guide children away from the fire. They will keep getting drawn to it. After two decades of working with teenagers and the high rate of pregnancy amongst young woman, I have come to the conclusion that it is best to provide them with as much information as possible about sex, sexuality and their body. It is no good trying to hide it away from them, they will simply search for it and then be irresponsible about it. knowledge is power.

Nigerian Rubbish 6:13 pm  


Omosi T 6:17 pm  

@ Yinka, I am all for sex education and teaching all forms of birth control at the appropriate age (10 and up) but encouraging them, to have sex, come on now

SHE 6:25 pm  

I daresay, instructing kids about Sexuality is not, and should not be equated to encouraging them to have sex from an early age.

I really dont see how that protects them from anything.

And can someone please explain how "an orgasm a day keeps the GP away"?

Anonymous,  6:28 pm  

talk about going wayyyy too far!

this is so ridiculous that i wrongly credited jeremy for speaking in a sacastic tone. only in the UK do kids start having sex at 12. For Godsakes! i didnt even kno guyz could get it up at that age... are these girls having sex with much older boys? the sexualisation of everything from burgers to deodorants has clearly messed with these kids heads....

God help us oooo

chinny 6:32 pm  

no wonder the UK has the highest rate of teenage pregancies and std's) in western europe

jeremy i really dont understand how you can endorse sex between pupils when it has been proven time and time again that there is a causal link between underage sex and unwanted preganancies which in turn leads to poor career prospects and a myriad of other problems for the young people involved.

the uk with the highest teenage pregancy rate in western europe is a prime example with a growing underclass of young women who are casualties of such activity, in many cases the young women (and it is usually the young women who are abandoned by the fathers and left to bring up the babies alone) who engage in this activity end up on the scrap heap of society having to live on state handouts or are doomed to a life of grinding poverty with poor career prospects.

lets not even go into the high incidence of std's, only recently the uk govt had to launch an awareness campaign alerting young people to the dangers of the so called silent killer namely chlamydia which is estimated to have been contracted by at least 2000 15 year olds last year alone

chlamydia known as the silent disease due to its lack of symptoms arguably may have reached epidemic levels had the govt not stepped in with this awarenness campaign -

chlamydia as you may know causes infertility

nobody is saying young people should be prohobitied from engaging in sexual activity because that would be ludicrous, not to mention impossible to enforce however i think its highly irresponsible to advocate and endorse the activity without highlighting its long term consequences and effects.

we dont want the kind of fragmented society that exists in the uk which does not promote family values nor the importance of marriage, we dont want a decadent and sexually immoral society as is the case in the uk.

Jeremy 7:01 pm  

@last anonymous: in Northern Nigeria, girls are married at 12 and having sex.

@ Chinny. Given that kids will have sex whatever adults say, I think a stress on pleasure (rather than just biology) is an interesting approach - and research shows it leads to less sexual health issues in later life. Kids smoke, drink and have sex partly as forms of rebellion. If the authority message back is - 'its perfectly ok to masturbate and its ok to enjoy sex' - with the caveat that the message is targeted at those of legal age (16 in the UK) - then what is the problem?

laBiscuitnapper 7:21 pm  

The only bad thing was that they didn't include detailed information about contraception etc - sex education is pretty appalling in most UK schools. Other than that, I agree with the original comment - I had underage sex (not as young as twelve, granted) and so did lots of my friends, but we did it safely and surprise surprise, got bored of it by the time we left school, which is partly why none of us fritter our Uni social lives away on searching for 'the one', having risky sex or any of that nonsense.

Ms. Thang,  9:46 pm  

I can personally attest to fact that an orgasm a day does not, infact, keep the GP away. Not even upwards of 6 (as i am wont to have when i'm lying around bored with my laptop beside me) have kept me from having chronic back pain, ulcer and God knows what else is going through this bod of mine.

Anonymous,  9:21 am  

"only in the UK do kids start having sex at 12". Unbelievable. A friend works at a clinic in Liberia where children younger than that are regularly brought in after being forced to have sex with adults. And we all know which state governors prefer only the youngest schoolgirls. However yes, hands up the UK has an appalling record on teen pregnancy and STDs - and that's besides the 8-year-old child charged with rape in scotland as reported this morning. Think that's to do with lack of sex education maybe, but if there's an issue with way underage sex, it's maybe got as much to do with media images and conditioning into sexuality at a v early age - britney as 'grooming'. On a brighter note, is the author REALLY called 'Steve Slack'? And NB any readers married to a GP may already have noticed that frequent orgasms do not keep them away very effectively.

Iredotp 2:17 pm  

Liberian kids being FORCED to have sex and UK kids having sex(not forced sex here, their health officials want them to have an orgasm twice every week to keep them healthy!) are different situations.
True, Northern girls are married off at a young age, then they start having married-at-a-young age-sex! (Pure ignorance though)Me finks the UK scenario is still the weirdiest. Perverted adults justifying the actions of their perverted 10 year olds, what rubbish!

Anonymous,  7:08 pm  

Its not just in England etc that kids are having sex before 12. Let's exclude those in 'forced marriages' from the age of 12 onwards in Nigeria.A 7 year old watching tv, 2 people kissing and the boy says 'my willy is growing'. stunned silence in the room. Time to have the talk. follow their cue. The fact is that children become aware of their bodies at the age of three - even in Nigeria! Let's start having the debate about sex, sexuality and their body when they come to their guardians for answers (at whatever age). Don't shy away from it. Many parents are embarrassed perhaps due to the realisation that their child is growing up and not quite sure how to handle the topic.
Mentality shift - sex is normal and not dirty. It is not just for procreation. Religious people will no doubt wade in here...
Give kids the information and make them aware of the consequences of their actions. On a different but same note - it is because of this lack of information that enables child abusers to get away with the crime. I was at a seminar a few years ago on sexual abuse when they showed some a naked man and a child (boy and girl), a woman interrupted and said ' let my child leave’ (the girl was about 10). A man said 'let her stay, she should know what people may want to do to her body that is considered inappropriate for someone of her age' Information such as this is used to protect the child from harm.
BTW in Nigeria, you just have to go to Silverbird etc to see those young girls dressed up provocatively like Miley Cyrus but unsure of exactly what they are feeling. A family friend caught her 10 year old son masturbating but ignored talking to him. I told her that she better speak to him before he gets the wrong information from the net and his friends! She refused and I offered. I know of 10 year old girl that gave a 12 year old boy a blow job in Nigeria. He asked and she obliged. Simple.

Let's not even talk of lesbianism/gay (perfectly normal if that child is gay/lesbian - again no-one to talk to about sexuality!) in schools. All these kids need someone to talk to but no-one is LISTENING!!!

dapxin 7:46 pm  

twisted world.
twister UKingdom
twisted blogger.
twisted audience.
wtisted kids.
twisted comment!

Feral Female 12:50 am  

'Some' kids start having sex at the age of 12, and that itself is pretty wrong. I have heard of kids as young as 10 having sex, should we then lower the limit again.

I have been worn out about sex discussions but I definitely believe that the more wide spread something is the more casual it becomes and people will view sex as a more relaxed thing.

If kids of ages 12 and up are being sent this message, then why should we blame them if they decide to put what they've learnt into practice?

Anonymous,  5:04 pm  

pure nonsense saying this approach is the best.
it would be better off marrying those kids off. that way, they're in an institution where an 'unintended consequences' are taken care of.
now i know why people up north do that. they were probably the wisest knowing that kids would want to do 'it' anyway.

Anonymous,  10:14 pm  

what kind of nonsense is this??? and to think that i actually used to respect this blogger.

Homie GFunk 5:20 pm  

I think it is really ridiculous and unfair to compare the 12 year old girls in the north of Nigeria to their counterparts in the UK. The girls in the north are without choice. In most cases by the time these girls reach the age of 18, they are already infected with fisutla. Please do your research. While the UNFPA is trying to find ways to stop such practices in Africa, you want kids in the UK to start having sex as young as 12? Obviously you are out of touch. Just because your body tells you to do something doesn't mean it is beneficial to you at that moment. These kids are not responsible enough to handle the emotional, and physiological effects of sex. Their bodies are yet to mature and develop and you want them to start having sex that early! What next 3 year olds can start having sex? So because kids are curious we should let them have all the craziness they want. Parents/Guardians are supposed to act as custodians of these kids. I'm not against sex education but to every purpose there is a season. Please let's be wise here.

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