Friday, April 04, 2008


This picture pretty much sums up our physical state on returning to Kwano after seven days of trekking..


Anonymous,  9:17 pm  

ahn ahn jeremy so you are fine like this? i never knew o lol.

Chxta 9:51 pm  

Go and shave.

Anonymous,  5:31 pm  

Damn!!! Annonymous beat me to fine oh! No be small!

In my head and around me 6:43 pm  

and yet I feel like going..........

FDK,  4:47 am  

you guys look like shit!!!! lol...
I kid, i kid....anyone will look that after you adventure.

wienna,  3:14 pm  

My goodness, that really u? U need a spa asap.

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