Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oshiomole dead?

I've just heard that Adams Oshiomole, the newly installed governor of Edo State, is dead. Its too early to say how (the news is spreading via mobile phone, ahead of the media). If its not some kind of sick April Fool joke then what an utter tragedy - here was a progressive intellectual on a mission to transform a state plagued by misrule for years. Nigeria takes a step backwards with his passing...

Follow up - the phone calls were misinformed. Its the missing Commissioner for Information who has been found dead. Read here.


Anonymous,  9:54 am  

just read punchng a few minutes before reading ur blog- only read the edo state commish was found dead in his hotel room. can this be tue?
how come the newspapers have not updated asap!

ababoypart2 12:17 pm  

I have checked all my sources. Checked all the April fool updates...Still no news.

Whole Truths 1:54 pm  

Hey Jem! How r u Man! Please tell your vendor to change the paper he brings to u every morning! u wanna read papers like ThisDay or The Guardian! Dawg! Oshiomole is not dead! he's very alive! The dying was done by The Commissioner for Information, Mr Enoma! Mat his soul rest!

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