Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gashaka flowers

We walked through clouds of butterflies of all colours, as well as surprise fauvist flowers, such as these.

Photo by Ellie.


ababoypart2 12:00 pm  

Pretty unusual, pretty too

Andrea Bohnstedt,  8:45 am  

I want one of those!

Sandrine 2:11 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I love that red.It is the exact color of the poincianas that will blossom in June here.Against the blue sky it is just beautiful.I would love to walk among these and a cloud of butterflies but 9 hours of hiking is too much for me!I admire you and Bibi for doing that. Right now I wait for the butterflies to come to my garden,it's easier.We have two Monarch cocoons at the moment and one will hatch today.I hope to go see them one day where they winter if the hiking is not too long.I read somewhere that you can hear them flutter.

Anonymous,  1:01 pm  

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nebi dagdelen,  1:02 pm  

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nebi dagdelen,  1:05 pm  

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