Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mayo Sabere

On the sixth day, we left Cameroon and walked back into Nigeria again. The first village we came to was Mayo Sabere. We had our first drinks of Malt in a week..


Ms. Catwalq 1:45 am  

Bibi looks exhausted .....

Naapali 2:18 am  

Welcome back and thanks for the photos. I hope you post about trip details; planning, staging, costs etc. Might be others interested in tracing your steps.

Anonymous,  9:44 am  

I'm very interested in finding out how to organize something similar, looks like a lot of fun. Jeremy please give us some details.

AustynZOGS 12:23 pm  

I really appreciate your commitement and dedication.Your blog is so enriching.

Anonymous,  12:27 pm  

Bibi does not look interested or excited ... Did u take her against her wish ?

Ebun Olatoye 12:30 pm  

I feel like I'm on a Safari compared to you guys.

Oya more more send more...

Iyaeto 1:33 pm  

I know you'll definintely cherish that taste for ever. We might be on our way to Malaysia and Singapore or Tunisia very soon. But i don't think I'm up to it.

Anonymous,  7:31 pm  

Yes, anon 12.27pm, he took her there against her wish. Now what are you going to do?

abby,  10:53 pm  

don't think anyone can take Bibi anywhere against her wish. She is just as mad as Jeremy if not worse!! She was doing this kind of madness before jeremy

Anonymous,  11:50 pm  

I hate Neris Hughes

Anonymous,  4:43 am  

anon 7.31 ..... lol , u crack me up !!! ..the trip loooks exhausiting ... but those rocks on the other post looked soooo coool, so, different .
more pictures please !!!


Anonymous,  6:19 am  

Abeg, kudos to Bibi. I do not know a lot of grown Naija women that will happily follow their husband to the bush for recreation/holiday. For wetin? Bush no full side of the road?

Anonymous,  10:24 am  

Well done ,must have been extremely exhausting

Jaja 2:12 pm  

Welcome back.
Interesting. The pictures are cool.

Did you have a guide? I dont know if I missed that.
I have just returned myself from a much watery place.

Anonymous,  2:24 pm  

perhaps she led him up the mountain- and he followed? happily too..

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