Thursday, April 17, 2008

Security in Nigeria..

Someone just forwarded me the US Embassy in Nigeria's latest posting to US citizens based in Nigeria. I used to think these warnings were mildly paranoid. Not so now, especially given the first-hand accounts of life in Park View and VGC amongst other places prey to waterborne gangs:

"With the Nigerian Police Force's increased presence on the roadways, criminal gangs are using boats to access their targets and to circumvent the standard checkpoints. Compounds near or on Lagos Lagoon have been targeted, infiltrated and violently attacked by waterborne gangs.

The U.S. Consulate General Lagos experienced this type of attack at one of its residences; a similar attack took place next door to another of its residences. Criminals have used domestic quarters as a route into the main compound by obtaining the domestic's keys and other items/information, facilitating easier access to the residence. In another incident, compound attackers accessed an apartment building via Lagos Lagoon and allegedly used a set of keys to open at least one unit.

Additional reporting in Lagos indicates a trend involving armed attackers, often dressed as police or in business suits, gaining access to compounds by following closely behind the car of a legitimate guest or resident. Once the guards open the gate, the attackers jump out and
subdue, assault, and/or rob the guards and inhabitants of the car before
moving on to individual units.

If you notice a car following closely behind you or suddenly appearing while entering a housing compound, immediately alert the guards if possible that the car is not with you. If you can, drive away until in a safe area and call the authorities for assistance.

Take strong security steps to decrease your vulnerability to a criminal attack by establishing a personalized emergency action plan for your residence. Use the points below to help you:

* Control the keys to your residence! If you give your domestic a
key, limit it to the key for the secondary lock. * *

* Keep all ground floor and balcony windows, doors and grills locked
when not in use, and particularly before retiring for the evening.
Close all drapes.

* Keep doors locked during the day, even if you or your domestic are

* Discourage children from answering the door or the gate bell. Do
not open the door or gate until you have identified the visitor.
Domestics and dependents should be instructed to do the same and
to report any strange visitor, activity that occurred in your absence.

* If you leave your residence unoccupied during evening hours, turn
on lights to make it appear someone is home. * *

* If you intend to be away for more than 24 hours, have a
friend/neighbor check your residence daily at irregular times.

* Inspect your home periodically to identify any inoperative
security items.

* Brief your household staff on security procedures you wish them to
follow and how you wish them to handle emergencies. Ensure your
household staff is aware when repairmen and visitors are coming to
your residence. Instruct them not to let anyone onto your property
whom you have not previously authorized to be there."


olaayokunle 4:15 pm  

The situation in Nigeria is very sad. Our government needs to wake up and do something.
First of all, you provide your own water,
you provide your own roads,
you provide/generate your own electricity
Finally, you provide your own security
I wonder why we even have a government.

Anonymous,  3:39 am  

Bottom line, stay on lockdown for a while in your own residence, prison style......Yeah. It'll take a while before we get there.

Anonymous,  7:41 am  

What do you expect from a generation of leaders skewed to using Native intelligence to grab all what is available. Imagine a man stealing $2.5Billion-for what?

Just check out the gutters in Nigeria. Phew! as dirty and loaded with firth as the minds of our leaders. No shame!!

We are just insane and very ungodly.

When are we going to have sane leaders to put things right!

Maybe in Year 2050, when electricity would be avalable to ALL.

Shameless A....

anonymaus,  2:48 pm  

That is a sad situation to live in. Hats off to you and your wife for tolerating that state of affairs.

Anonymous,  9:36 am  

The security measures are pretty much what goes in London too, very applicable.

TinTin 3:13 am  

its is so sad that people have to go through this in their own country! u have to sleep with one eye open! we need change and soon!!!

ababoypart2 9:24 am  

Having lost an Uncle recently to these people, I understand what you say here. Some of them though are pretty basic - commonsense some will say.

Anonymous,  7:58 pm  

If you leave your residence unoccupied during evening hours, turn
on lights to make it appear someone is home. * *

When I read this I laughed so hard I cried. So are we to leave the the gen on while out so we can now trick robbers or rely on NEPA to light up our homes?!

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