Sunday, April 06, 2008

No Country

Leaving Lagos this morning, we drove past Silverbird. Gor blimey strike me down they are showing No Country for Old Men as well as the usual Hollyweird-at-its-worst. Then I check Ceddi Plaza back here in Abuja. No such luck - they are showing Jumper, Horton Hears a Who! 10,000BC and P.S I love you - film fodder for morons in other words.

Another thing: early in the morning, have you noticed how many guys run the length of 3rd mainland bridge? So much untapped energy. If only Lagos had an athletics club/track for these guys, rather than running at risk of being mown down.


olu,  4:00 am  

"Jumper, Horton Hears a Who! 10,000BC and P.S I love you - film fodder for morons in other words"

Haba boda Jeremy. Dis na elitism o

Anonymous,  5:19 am  

er..saw 'No Country..', brilliant film, but definitely falls into category of Hollywierd.
I still dont get the ending...

Saw inspiring story on CNN this weekend. A young lady in Philadelphia (i think), has started a running club for homeless people called "Back On My Feet"

[From CNN]
Runners greet each other with hugs and words of encouragement. While members say they've lost weight, quit smoking and have more energy, Mahlum believes they're also learning important life skills such as discipline and goal-setting that can help them get on the road to self-sufficiency.

"Running really is a metaphor for life," she says. "There is always another mile. You just have to take it one step at a time."
The runners are diverse -- doctors, janitors, students and shelter residents -- but such distinctions aren't apparent.

"All you can tell is who's the fastest," says Mahlum. "You can't tell who's homeless and who's not."

For Mahlum and others, Back On My Feet is more than a running club.

"We're a community of support, love, respect," she says.

Back On My Feet also has a job training program for a partner. Three members are taking classes, learning computer and interview skills, while three others have found jobs.

What an inspiration, eh?
Jeremy you've planted a seed....

Morountodun 1:30 pm  

London Marathon this weekend. The beeb had some masai 'tribesmen' (is that politically incorrect?) on this morning who have left their village for the first time and have come to london to run the marathon to raise money for running water for their village (a Green peace sponsored initiative).

I'm sure I saw news a couple of years ago about an Abuja half marathon sponsored by MTN. Has this been discontinued?

Anonymous,  6:34 pm  

On "No Country..."....

The Coen brothers surpassed themselves with this one.

If you can, do read the excellent book this movie is based on, by Cormac Mccarthy. i read the book first and still enjoyed the movie immensely.

I just got his "The Road" which i think he won all sorts of awards for and between this and Teju Cole's "EDFTT", my weekend is secure.

Aluta Continua

Anonymous,  5:02 am  

Sometimes you should think b4 you type. I live in Toronto and I see ppl running all over the place,my friend and a cousin have run in New York, Chicago, Paris. They do not go to atheletic clubs, they run on the street, albeit sidewalk. Third Mainland has pavements, no? That is why some ppl would rather run it than your regular road that has no sidewalk. Oh and by the way, a lot of residential areas here do not have sidewalks, so residents have a choice; drive or dare traffic and complain to their municipality , who in turn tell them they have no money for now.
And b4 I left Naija, ppl i saw training, went to the stadium, school fields, even church grounds. At the end of the day all you need to train for a marathon is running surface. Outside that register with a gym or improvise at home.

AnyaPosh 6:16 pm  

What are those guys running for?

Anonymous,  9:30 pm  

i'm not sure what last anon's point is- who is to think before they type what? and what is her/his gripe exactly? sidewalks/shmidewalks? surafce for marathon training? huh whaaa..?

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