Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home visit

Our world has been thrown upside down. Early on Tuesday morning, we had armed robbers coming on a 'home visit'. The sense of violation and trauma does not go away quickly. Those who came had good intelligence on what was where, which only heightens the sense of fear of who knows what outside the gates of our compound.

Then you start to talk to your friends, and everyone has terrible stories to tell. Luckily, no one was physically harmed in our case, but the pyschological pain will take quite a while to dissipate. For now, it is a matter of turning our house into a fortress to try to make sure this does not happen again. At least we are alive and physically well to tell the tale.


Anonymous,  9:12 am  

really sorry about this!
its the sense of been violatd thats truly the worst part, then the whole getting metal doors etc...we got robbed on chrismas eve 99 and its still a terrible memory!

Anonymous,  9:23 am  

Woah! So sorry. Thank God nobody was harmed... This is what scares me most about that country.


Opium,  10:16 am  

Pele Jeremy, pele. to you both. It's the small mercies we should be thankful for, that no one was physically hurt or violated. I've heard terrible stories of attacks against women by armed robbers in Abuja that my heart skipped a beat when I read the first few lines of your story.

Anonymous,  11:59 am  

you lived, that's what counts. it makes you more cautious,robs you of your dignity, but when you survive to enjoy the things that matter to you the most. it's okay.
sad and strange as it seems, i feel sorry for robbbers, they can't be happy or satisfied living like they do.
it makes you angry but it destroys tjeir soul. take my property but let me be well within.
I thank God with and for you, that you are fine. it's just and experience, don't let it dictate how you view stuff, cheers.

Anonymous,  12:39 pm  

Thank God that you're alive o!!!!! Thank goodness.

Turning your house into a fortress is nothing these days. We live in an age where Nigerian robbers come with blowtorches and hand-grenades. I recall Pat Utomi talking about this on his campaign trail a few months (or is it years already) ago.

Anyway, please thank God that you're safe.

Wordsbody 12:42 pm  

Deeply sorry, J. Thank God you guys are fine. I've just sent B an sms.


Anonymous,  1:28 pm  

sorry to hear this story


J, so sorry to hear this, d insecurity in this country is ridiculous!!

Akin 3:34 pm  

Gosh! Jeremy,

I am so sorry about your ordeal. As usual many of us have memories of events like this and are thankful that we have lived to tell the tale.

One can only wish for a speedy recovery from this appalling saga, my best wishes to Bibi and you.


Sandrine 4:06 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I am really sorry that you and Bibi had to go through this.I am so glad that you were unhurt.
Take care.I will be thinking about you both.

olu,  4:29 pm  

You and yours are whole in spite of this cr^%*p
Ope fun Oluwa..

Waffarian 4:53 pm  

So Sorry Jeremy.

Anonymous,  5:07 pm  


Good idea to talk about it. Takes place of "victim's counseling" and hopefully will help you and yours get over this..

Aluta continua

omidanbellafricaine 5:14 pm  

Pele oh J. Glad no one was hurt

Jeremy 6:33 pm  

thanks for all the support people. It really has been shitty..

Jola Naibi 7:01 pm  

Sorry to hear about that...glad you are all okay...a friend was saying the other day that if you have lived in Naija one of the following must apply to you -

(a) You have been robbed
(b) Someone close to you has been robbed
(c) a+b

It is very rare to find someone who does not fall into c...which is very sad indeed

winnie 7:40 pm  

So sorry to hear what happend to you guys! One can just be thankful and glad that you guys were not physically hurt. I guess it will take some time until the psychological strain subsides.


adefunke 8:27 pm  

Eya ... pele dear ... thank God U guys weren't hurt.

anonymaus,  2:44 pm  

I'm sorry to hear that Jeremy, fortunately both of you are physically unscathed.

Blogga 3:04 pm  

Please step up the plans to turn your place into a fotress asap.

MsMak,  3:41 pm  

So sorry... Glad you and yours are alive.

The part that messes with your head is knowing that they knew what/where things were in your home. Someone commented on Mandy's blog that armed robbers showed up at their family house only to announce that they'd been reading her blog, and figured out where she lived.

We are all helpless and at our wits end with this situation, so we will all tell you the same thing. Kpele. Ndoo. One day go be one day...

Anonymous,  9:31 pm  

j sorry o. stay strong. hold bibi tight, you will get thru this together and fortify ur castle

Anonymous,  10:58 pm  


could u pls be more discrete on details bout your personal life on this blog (for all our sakes pls?)

Sorry bout what happened.

A o ni ri iru e mo o, Amen

Talatu-Carmen 2:43 pm  

Jeremy, I'm so sorr!y!! But I'm so glad that you are both all right physically. Take care...

Sugabelly 5:51 am  

eya, poor jeremy!!

Gbemi's Piece 4:20 pm  

I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm glad to hear that no one in your household was physically harmed. Stay safe.

Naapali 10:48 pm  

Pele to you and yours. It is sad that your ordeal is all too familiar to most of us.

ababoypart2 9:42 am  

Really sorry - 3rd blogger that I know who has had what you called ' a house visit'. The important thing is that you have written this post, many people haven't been that lucky. My Uncle was callously killed by such animals when he visited Nigeria in December last year - in his bedroom!

Bella Naija 2:08 pm  

Ndo oo
Thank God no one was hurt

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