Sunday, April 06, 2008

Professor Volker Sommer on the best way to die..



Sandrine 1:49 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
Amazing how this post does not have even one comment.I understand Professor Sommer point of view but it is definitely not for me.Too violent and painful and too messy for the family.My choice would be more like Edward G. Robinson but with blue and the winter of Vivaldi ,or something peaceful like that.

'derin,  7:25 pm  

uhhmmm... (whisper)... i'd like to die in the middle of a HUGE orgasm....

Anonymous,  3:50 pm  

I love oyinbo people. They are crazy like no one else.

Me, I'd like to die like Derin.

Maybe even at the exact same time....

'derin,  10:26 pm  

LMAO@ anonymous!!! You're crazy!!!

Well... why not?.....

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