Tuesday, April 01, 2008

At the summit

From left to right: Luc, Ellie, Jide, Bibi, Diane, Jeremy, Kash, Ollie, Simon


Olu,  4:15 am  

He he he !!
Caption for Bibi's thoughts given her facial expression:
"Na dis crazy oyinbo people drag me come this place"

I can't help but think of the stereotype of the "inquisitive oyinbo man. Daring to go where where de natives fear to tread".

See ? dem even outnumber "us" for for de picture self...ha ha


Nuggetzman 8:28 am  

There's enough room at the top cos only a few always make it to the top..zenith...alps...u name it. Jeremy and co...kudos! Save that only Jide and Bibi represented the naija clan as expats beat us to it...lol!
Why did you not conscript some of us to join in the long trek...

Anonymous,  4:51 pm  

Well done...

I see you all only have day-packs (if at all). Any more pictures of your porters? How large was your support crew?


Anonymous,  9:37 pm  

Hope you left the union jack/st georges flag at the summit, like they do on everest. A summit is a summit.

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