Friday, October 02, 2009

Dan Hoyle gracing the shores..

The more loyal readers of this blog will recall the post about Dan Hoyle's one-man show stateside. My Lagos moles tell me he is on his way to naija again to perform the same show in the Motherland. I have only heard of one show - at the US GQ (Queen's Drive, Ikoyi) on the 7th October - but there may be more dates. I'll keep you posted. I didn't think his pidgin was that good - there are plenty of oyinbos here who speak it much better. But let me not Pull Him Down.


Dee 1:12 am  

I saw the show a while back when he performed in New York
It was the first time I heard an ‘Oyinbo’ man speak pidgin that rapidly.
I must say, I enjoyed the show…mostly because he played a well rounded approach to the Niger-Delta crisis

I’m sure there are foreigners that speak better delta pidgin than Dan Hoyle…but it was simply fascinating hearing him switch from one character to another.

The show is definitely worth seeing!

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