Monday, October 12, 2009

The NLNG literature prize fiasco

Only in Nigeria would a literature prize take place and the judges decide to award the prize money to themselves on the basis that none of the shortlisted writers entries were good enough.

(I am blogging from my mobile so cannot create a link over a word).

Someone should let the judges know that the whole point of drawing up a shortlist is to select a winning candidate on the night. Questions should also be asked about the ethics of judges awarding themselves prize money.

The NLNG literature prize has lost all credibility and become a twisted joke. It does nothing to support the worthy cause of encouraging young writers in Nigeria. The only way forward is for writers to boycott the award until the sponsors get their act together, if that is at all possible..


adebanji 10:43 pm  

What a pity!

Anonymous,  10:48 pm  

It's hilarious. That's what it is. And it's NEVER going to change.

Anwuli 10:06 am  

I certainly agree. The NLNG prize should be boycotted by writers. Harder said than done though. I have my doubts because I would think that Nigerians would protest the way the American Embassy staff treat them and boycott the embassy, but, that is another topic all together. Boycott NLNG prize!

Anonymous,  11:54 am  

Every self-respecting writer should broadcast this dreadful award which seems bent on humilating writers.

For the love of me 2:58 pm  

Incredulous. Only in Naija. I can't believe it. The judges awarded themselves the money? That has got to be a joke. Was reading the coverage of the award in today's guardian and was wondering why nothing was said about the winners. They are a disgrace unto themselves.

maitumbi 6:57 pm  

Actually, this is the SECOND time they will be making such a decision. There was a year they couldn't find any worthwhile prose to give the award to.

Dee 7:41 pm  

I’m simply too embarrassed to make a meaningful comment!

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