Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where have all the Nigerian doctors gone?

This seminar will answer the question:

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Programme in African Studies
Fall 2009 Indaba
“The Globalization of Healthcare Professionals: Migration from Nigeria to the U.S.
Anita Obodo

October 28, 2009
216 Aaron Burr Hall

A light breakfast will be served


Anonymous,  4:13 pm  

Interesting. As a Nigerian Princetonian myself, I'd like to attend this seminar (I cannot, but would like to), particularly because I know a million and one Nigerian doctors in the USA, pursuing Public Health degrees in an attempt to get one foot in the door in the US Health sector.

Na so wa for awa country o...

UKMedic,  10:53 pm  

LOL!....they're EVERYWHERE!..u name the country,you'll find a Nigerian doc there..true,most are in the US & UK but there are lots as well in the carribean nations,eastern european countries(Poland,Hungary,etc) in the baltic states Ukraine,Russia and even in Africa in countries such as Kenya,Lesotho and of course South Africa.

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