Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ken Saro Wiwa Memorial Dinner coming up in SA



10 November 2009


Written by Michael Wentworth

Directed by Michael Wentworth and Tauriq Jenkins

Performed by the Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa

Dear Comrade

In commemoration of the 14th Anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa, the Ogoni Solidarity Forum is proud to invite you to a Ken Saro Wiwa Memorial Dinner that will feature a performance by the Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa of the play ‘Progres’, a commissioned work that is inspired by the literary writings and life story of this revered activist and martyr for the Ogoni cause.

On the November 10th 1995, the Nigerian government under the leadership of military dictator General Sani Abacha, in collusion with Shell Petroleum Development Company and their international business allies murdered nine leaders of the Ogoni ethnic nationality. Ken Saro Wiwa and the eight others were brutally killed for fighting against the unfettered exploration of oil by Shell and other oil multinationals in the Niger Delta. Their activities raised world-wide awareness of the devastating consequences that oil exploration has had on the indigenous peoples and their environment.

Since 1995, the Ogonis at home, those in exile, environmental rights crusaders, human and ethnic rights organizations, international and civil groups always mark the murder of Saro Wiwa and the eight other Ogoni heroes.

With this annual event also goes the acknowledgement that the Ogoni cause is still vital and that the struggles of the people of the Niger Delta are still far from resolved. The Ogoni Solidarity Forum would like you to join us in honouring these heroes and giving voice to the continuing struggles in the Niger Delta.

But most importantly, this is also an occasion for us to thank you for your support and to express our appreciation of the remarkable solidarity demonstrated by numerous civic groups and individuals towards the inception of the OSF in South Africa.

Maximum of 3 persons per organization. Please RSVP by no later than 2 November 2009 to:

Bruce: [email protected] or 084 464 0139

Barry: [email protected] or (021) 4480637 or 076 288 8708

Please see below for venue and programme details.

Yours in the struggle

Barry Wugale

Venue: Ashley Kriel Hall, Community House,

Salt River Road, Salt River


5pm Arrival and Registration

Light snacks and drinks

5.30pm Opening and Welcome

5.45pm Music by Amanda Lois Stone

6.15pm Keynote Address

6.45pm Poem by James Matthews PROGRES

7.45pm Dinner and Presentation of Gifts


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