Monday, October 05, 2009

Segun Ajayi's leg

Nigerian photo of the week: Mr Segun Ajayi brings his severed leg to the Ekiti Election Tribunal. The leg had been kept in the morgue. After the court appearance, the leg was given a good funeral..


Anonymous,  6:38 pm  

WTH???? Only in Nigeria....I swear!


Dapxin 6:49 am  

I am not in the court,
to fully know, but its interesting tokenism.
much like Gani, the other day,
using the full-blown photoshot
of Dele Giwa,
as he argued that IBB
should be subpoenaed
to the darn! joke of
a Oputa panel...

It wont be enough to make
the bastards - who day and night
swear by their born again gangsterism creds- ruining
the country think,
for that one moment,
the horrors of their actions,
in 'winning' do or die,
will unquestionably,
haunt them.

Its momentary moment of defeat.

Anonymous,  1:19 am  

I do not understand what is going on in Nigeria and may God our Lord help us,amen.

Dapxin 8:59 am  

not much is going on in 9ija,
good ol'
gangsterism:- unHooked.

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