Thursday, October 22, 2009


According to bods in the know, malarone is by far the best treatment for malaria (thanks to its combination of atovaquone and proguanil), better even than artemesinin combination therapy (coartem, artequin etc.) So how come malarone is not widely known and not for sale in Nigeria?


saul 11:41 pm  

GSK patent maybe?

It's good stuff ... take it the day before you travel and for a week after you get back. Easy.

VJJ,  2:02 am  

Jeremy could you please post the full video of Nick Griffin on Question Time?

Anonymous,  4:33 am  

I thought Halfan was the most effective.

Anonymous,  10:27 am  

Jeremy.. it’s all about the cost!
I think malarone cost 10-15 times the cost of other therapies!

Jeremy 10:30 am  

Last anonymous - cost is one factor but not the only one. GSK could be deliberately maintaining a restricted licence to keep costs artificially high however. The drugs business uses licensing in just this way, restricting supply to control/maintain high pricing...

Anonymous,  2:22 pm  

Well, it's great for travellers - best thing on the market. But no good if you live in Nigeria full time. You can only take it for 14 consecutive days, and you can only do that twice in one year I believe.


Hi there,

It is praise worth to note a brand malaria drug out of many being blogged about.

This is a hilarious omen and I wish the drug shall really represent itself as an effective treathment for malaria.

UKMedic.,  10:47 pm  

Malarone is licensed for prophylaxis of malaria and not for treatment.
This is why it is usually prescribed as travel medicine for those going to endemic areas.
Of course it is an expensive drug & even here in some parts of the UK,some patienst would have to procure that drug privately if their PCT(primary care trust) does not fund its cost on the NHS.
So sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists but as you can see because the drug is taken daily & then for a week after return from a malarious area,it obviously cannot be used as treatment in those areas except the people there take it for life!

tobs,  5:30 pm  

I lived in Lagos/Kadune for two years and took Maleron as a preventive drug for almost that entire time. I got Malaria four times, but only once while on Maleron I believe, but I'm not sure if it helped or not. I used other drugs to treat it when I got it. Fortunately my company paid for it as it was quite expensive.

Jack George 1:16 pm  

Malarone is a preferable alternative Malaria Treatment for those not wanting to take Mefloquine (Larium) and will be effective in areas of the world where we are seeing increasing Chloroquine resistance. Malarone is preferable over other anti-malarials because the prevention treatment can started 1-2 days before entering a malaria infected region and for 7 days after leaving.

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