Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Enough is Enough campaign


On 1st October 2009, Nigerians all over the world will wake up to 49th anniversary of the independence of our beloved country.

On this memorable day, “Enough is Enough”; a non-partisan, non-political, non-violent and non-religious campaign group will stage its inaugural peaceful procession at the doorstep of Nigeria High Commission in the UK.

“Enough is Enough” is calling on all Nigerians in the UK to join in this peaceful movement to mobilise Nigerians both in Diaspora and at home to highlight the following issues of concern. We collectively want to inform our President Yar Adua and the Nigerian government that we have had:

Enough of Corruption !

Enough of Armed Robbery !

Enough of Electoral Malpractices !

Enough of Economic Mismanagement !

Enough of Religious brainwashing and bigotry !

Enough of Darkness occasioned by lack of electricity !

Enough of poor education !

Enough of joblessness !

Enough of infrastructural decay !

The peaceful procession is scheduled to take place outside Nigeria House, 9 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5BX on Thursday 1st October 2009 at 10.00 AM prompt.

From 2nd October 2009, “Enough is Enough” will continue our campaign and objective of putting pressure, in a non violent, non confrontational manner, on the Nigerian Government to address these issues.

Enough is enough is urging and imploring all Nigerians in the Diaspora who want a better Nigeria to

Attend the meeting on Saturday 19 September 2009 at WAZOBIA Restaurant, 25-27 Watford Way. NW4 3JH.

Join in the peaceful procession on the 1st October 2009.

Sign a Petition on the highlighted issues of concern to be submitted to our President Yar Adua.

Enough is Enough had its first meeting on Saturday 12 October 2009 at Tom & Jerry’s, 1 Leywick St. London, E15 3DD and will continually add its voice to many progressive campaigns all over the world fighting for a better Nigeria

Email: [email protected]

020 8202 1363 / 07947794382 / 07814097939


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