Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tings dey happen o!

I take my metaphorical abeti aja off to Dan Hoyle. His solo performance tonight was off the hook brilliant.

He captured the noise, fury and passions of the people of the Niger Delta.

How he managed to turn on his heels and switch in an instant from potakot ashewo to creek sniper to Community Relations Officer to pissed up Scottish oilie was a thing of wonder.

And his malaria dream conversation between Graham Greene and Richard Prior was just as Guinness would have it- Pure Genius...


Anonymous,  4:54 am  

Hey Jeremi,

You just got some mad guy points with this ya pidgin o. As in you no first fine for my eye, in fact you no still fine for my eye but this your fluid, non-oyinbo sounding blend of pidgin has completely changed the game. I better stop. Long for it's cute!

Shashank 2:10 pm  

J - have only seen clips of this guy but it looks like an amazing show, oh! What a cool thing to have seen it in Abuja. Very envious.

David,  6:10 pm  

Dan is one of my best friends. How well attended have his performances been?

Anonymous,  3:20 am  

I saw the show in New York... It made me miss Nigeria so much! But there was no scene with the malaria dream... I guess he added that later. Great show!

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