Monday, October 05, 2009

Questions for Soyinka..

A friend will shortly be interviewing Wole Soyinka at a literary festival. Rather than generate the questions solo, the proposal is that you, my blog readers, send in your questions. What would you like to ask the great Kongi? Please leave your questions in the comments along with your name, and Soyinka will be asked them. I'll post his answers too.


Olushola A. Aromokun 5:26 pm  

wow. lovely. Jeremy, here's my question:

Dear Prof.
National Association of Seadogs. There as always been an argument that your association set the ground rules for what later became blood drinking, gun wielding, raping, disparate groups of young University student cults. Do you look back and regret your role as one of the founding 7 of the Pyrates Confraternity?

Anonymous,  8:21 pm  

It is interesting that most people in Nigeria associate the prof with activitism, fraternity and the noble prize. We often forget that he was a playwright and that is what brought him to national and international prominence. Do people know is work enough to ask question about Soyinka the artist/writer/actor/director etc?

Anonymous,  11:46 pm  

I have to admit that i am one of those who know Wole Soyinka by name and not by his work.
But i would really like to know whom he aims to write for i:e the audience he targets. I ask because although his plays are interesting, i can't figure out what he is taling about most times in his prose. Why is his language so dense? i doubt if he is writing for the common man on the street who likes to read a good story. I can't be bothered having to reach for my dictionary everytime i read a sentence... i believe that is one of the reasons why i am not familiar with his work. He seems to have a target audience of which does not include the average man who wants to read a good tale.

I don't know if the above is a question... just ask him why he feels the need to use 'big big english' as it alienates some of his potential readers. Simplicity is always the key when it comes to writing, there really is no need trying to display your grammatical prowess, we know you can speak 'BIG' English, but please keep it simple as it comes across as a bit pretentious and contrived, stop trying too hard to impress. Aside from that, i think you are great.

Waffarian 8:34 am  

The only thing that fascinates me about Kongi is his hair. Why has he had the same hairstyle for decades? A political statement or just stuck in the 70's? Is there any possibility of ever seeing him in low cut or "gorimakpa" in my life time? Thanks.

Olumide 9:06 pm  

Good show.

Question for the Prof.

What are your views on IBB's purported 2011 presidential candidacy?


Anonymous,  1:17 am  

@ Olushola, that question is a bit played out and unnecessary. HE is asked over and over again and the man gives the same answer time after time. Leave it to people to place blame on someone else for their issues....surely we can think of more constructive questions?

Anonymous,  2:56 am  

I d like to ask Prof who he thinks was better.. IBB or OBASANJO
what does he think about the POWER situation in Nigeria??
Arianna Chaumet Dereaux

Kola Tubosun 7:45 am  

One question for WS: Would he ever consider acting again - on stage. Many of us have heard of his exploits as a young man managing a travelling and a later a guerilla theatre. Is there a chance of his ever going on stage again as an actor and not as an orator? I think I speak for thousands of people when I say that it would be something to see him act in a stage play.

Olushola A. Aromokun 7:41 am  

@Anonymous: You sure that question is played out ? Times change and people change with time. Don't be surprised if the good professor gives a different answer this time,

And for your information, I have read Kongi's works (many, if not all of 'em)...but given the terrible human conditions and situations in our country and the growing silence of the Pyrates Confraternity (they used to be very active in allhuman rights related stuffs)...I thought someone else would pick up on my question and follow up about the silence of one of the most powerful organisations that could actually stand up for the common man.

Too bad everybodyw anted me to glorify the man instead.

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