Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maizube Farms

Some nice shots from around former President Abubakar's Maizuibe Farms in Minna taken recently by Brian Blazek here.

When we look at images like this, we realise how much of an illusory bubble Abuja really is and see the dignity with which millions of poor people carry out their lives in communities where subsistence farming is the norm.

The gap between what goes on in Abuja and what goes on in the village is yawning.


pam 8:19 pm  

this man actually looks healthy. great skin, body and smile.

CodLiverOil 3:31 pm  

The day when the poor will wake up and and demand their due. Won't be a day too soon.

In other parts of the world, where such disparities exist a revolution is not far away eg, Russia before 1917, China in the 19th century, Cuba in the 1950s etc.

In Nigeria it's business as usual. The rich steal from the poor and the poor say nothing or hail the rich (Abubakar is one example, Alamieyesiegha is another). Something is dreadfully wrong there!

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