Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ribadu on Carnaby Street...

Or click here if the embed above doesn't play.


Anonymous,  9:06 am  

Poor man, look at his lips and how he is shivering in the cold in contrast to Ibori's luxury home.

Was not a great fan of Nuhu and he clearly derailed during the tail end of the Obasanjo era but I do feel sorry for me. Its a timeless lesson for us all, no condition is permanent.

joicee 1:22 pm  

look how bloated and stupid Ibori looks, that man has no shame ...this is why we are not moving forward, where is the outrage?!?!

2cute4u 4:04 pm  

Na waoh.. whats this?
First time here, I totally like.
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Beauty 10:11 am  

Dora looked quite pretty in the video. Excellent find.

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