Monday, March 01, 2010


When T-shirts are donated by Western charities to Africa, there can be unfortunate/hilarious consequences. These kids were photographed in Nasarawa recently..


Cheta 1:40 pm  


Kola 3:13 pm  

This is unfortunately funny. I was always uncomfortable when a former house help donned her favorite tee shirt with"deep-throat doctor" boldly written across the chest... same situation, I guess.

Taz 5:56 pm  

Oh no!!

Anonymous,  2:25 am  

LOL @ Deep-Throat Doctor! OMG!

Marin 8:45 am  

Funny. The T-shirt could also have been bought second hand you know....

Anonymous,  6:14 pm  

Lol... You should watch the documentary on how these shirts gets to Africa, and the huge market niche they occupy. Pretty interesting. The documentary is called "t-shirt travels."

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