Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spitalfields joy...

I used to love Spitalfields on a Sunday. Combined with Columbia Flower Market and the senses were rejuvenated in time for another round of weekday central London hassle.

The idea of renovating the space a few years ago was therefore a revolting suggestion. It felt like City money and City ways would engulf the place and it would lose its character - becoming a toytown Canary Wharf replicant.

Not so. Spitalfields now is much better than it used to be. There are still the stalls for up and coming artesans, but now they are surrounded by a gorgeous array of shops. There is a wall with a Jeanette Winterson poem in large letters which is well worth a slow read - a hymn to the area and what it was and now is. I had the most fantastic pitta bread and felafel served by a man who belongs in a film. This picture says it all. Spitalfields is one of the loveliest spaces in a city I adore...


misspumping 1:05 pm  

i love spitafiels like no mans business, i love the markety cultural feel of london , i like that y never know what u are gonna stumble across for me the city of london is just one massive treasure hunt.

ababoypart2 4:45 pm  

A few minutes away from my 9-5. Lovely in Spring, better in Summer.

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