Thursday, June 01, 2006

African Heritage City in Abuja

Ethnic Loft/Global Voices report today on a 17000 acre leisure resort being planned near Abuja. It sounds like it will be a cross between Alton Towers and Sun City. Let's hope its not too tacky and has eco-credentials (I fear I hope too much)..


Anonymous,  12:52 pm  


Jez, I'm afraid I happen to know the guys behind this project, particularly the initiator of the original idea (some years back) Ekwo.

Over the years he has worked v. v. hard to get investors and government to take him seriously (he is not a "big man", just a guy with a dream, literally). Finally he has both Nigerian and foreign investors and el-Rufai has allocated them land.

I must confess that I wish the project all the very best. However I will enquire about the "green credentials" and report back!


Anonymous,  5:14 pm  

This sounds great. i also hope that the place will have some eco-credentials. but good luck to them.

the flying monkeys 10:27 pm  

This is interesting. Thanks for this post.

Anonymous,  3:07 pm  

THis sounds very interesting. Who is the individual behind the project?

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