Monday, June 19, 2006

Upcoming conference on Lagos at SOAS

‘Lagos - Future City?’ discussion on the future of the world’s fastest growing city

Friday 30 June 2006, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS @ 6pm

This discussion will seek to look at urbanism in a developing world city, and how the management of the urban agglomeration of Lagos is conducted.

Examining the perceptions of Lagos as recorded in texts [fiction and essays], imagery [film and photography] and lived experiences, which point to chaos, but point also to a seemingly new/future urbanism. These will be considered within the context of a weak state capacity.

Present [Histories and narratives]

- Growth Trajectory
- City genesis and expansion, politics, economics, failure of conventional infrastructure, crime
Resisting the Imposed / Managed anarchy?
- Appropriation of the idea of the European city
- Aspirations to Modernity
- Informal nets
- Informal institutions and networks within the city
- Future Projections
- Radical synthesis of the traditional and modern; space and dwelling
- Global assimilation; reality of growth and potential within a globalised world.

Mega City or World city?

Post Oil age; no oil no city?

Speakers Include:

Professor John Godwin (Professor of Architecture, University of Lagos)
Kaye Whiteman (Writer, Consultant)
Ola Uduku (University of Strathclyde)
Kunle Adeyemi OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam, tbc)
Segun Doherty (Lawyer, Lagos)

A reception will follow the discussion.

Seats are limited. To register your attendance please email: [email protected]

Or call: +44 (0)20 7898 4390


Ugo Okafor 9:52 am  

I attended the conference at SOAS and it was very intresting. Although I arrived a little bit late, some of the presentations were intresting especially from Prof. John Godwin about the proposed urban redevelopment that that is being planned by the Lagos state government.

Rupert Warburton,  10:06 pm  

It was a fascinatining event introduced by the Nigerian architect, Giles Omezi. John Godwin was very informed about the urban development of Lagos, and Kaye Whiteman, the writer was pretty good. The talk by FMC Mordi was an intellectual tour de force, considering he appeared to be extemporising, after discarding his notes, due to time constraints. It was amusing to see that the audible gasps at his provocative comments, came mostly from the Nigerians in the audience. Good speakers, enjoyed it immensely. It would be great to have more events like this.

Ike,  10:28 am  

Intellectual yes, but how much does FMC Mordi know, or care about Nigeria? I feel he gave too much importance to Lagos in the context of Nigeria. All well & good for these clever financial types to talk, but we would be better served if people like him moved back there to contribute to our renaissance. A very interesting event - congratulations to Bukka.

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