Monday, June 12, 2006

Back to Abuja

We landed at 4:16 am this morning. The sunrise over Aso Rock as we entered the city was lovely - pale shades of pink above rock. At least the house hasn't burnt down, and the electricity was working and water flowing out of the tap. However, the Nitel strike is entrenched, which means no bandwidth at home and the mobile networks are, as I expected, hit and miss. I talked to a friend who (still) works at NITEL - apparently the new local conglomerate Transcorp were meant to take over the reins this month, but nothing has happened. Still NITEL staff have not been paid for months and will not return to work until they are. As we know that there is money available to pay them, it looks like someone is holding onto the money to rake in the interest. Its going to take a day or two to adjust back to the utter dysfunctionality of life in Nigeria, moving from high speed wireless internet to snailspeed spaghetti wired interent..


St Antonym 2:40 am  

E kaabo o.

E ku irin.

Chxta 10:33 am  

Sanu de zoa

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