Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back to No-band internet

Our last few days in the UK and I'm taking a deep breath... back to irregular electricity, sporadic water supply and noband internet, oh and female anopheles. Nitel's indefinite strike has knocked out all landlines in Nigeria and put a huge strain on the GSM-thief networks. People are so used to 4meg+ broadband in the UK they often express surprise that there is no broadband in Nigeria. Because cheap broadband is now an everyday utility here (Carphone Warehouse is now offering a free broadband package), there is incredulity that the rest of the world doesnt have it. If only there was clean running water available through a tap and lights that came on when you clicked the switch. Alas, these developmental basics seem to be decades away in Nigeria, and affordable broadband a distant mirage in a far-off desert.

If only a political party looking to 2007 announced itself on the basis of improved access to water, power, healthcare, education instead of the self-defeating egoludicrous infighting we are seeing at present.


TaureanMinx 11:50 am  

Does Vsat count? Cos we have that...

ayoke 9:42 pm  

We also have SAT-3.

culturalmiscellany 3:26 pm  

Its gotta be better than Carphone Warehouse's service here in the UK, its diabolical. Their network is so heavily contended following their 'free broadband' offer that most people's service is no better than dialup.

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