Friday, June 09, 2006

The Estate

We went to see The Estate (see previous post) at the Soho Theatre this evening. It was very well done with quite a few highly comic moments, based on acute observations of contemporary Nigerian family life - the househelp turned 2nd wife, step-sibling rivalry, the thieving staff, incest, the pastor with corrupted motives. The set was excellent - tacky Naija plastic sofa, glass table and naff rug, huge family photo portraits. There is even a power cut which adds to the authenticity. Its on until the 17th, so go see it if you have the chance. It'd be great to have it over in Nigeria - a comic counterbalance to the accidentally comic stock Nollywood fare.


the flying monkeys 8:33 pm  

a power cut? That would make it interesting and I think I need to see this

Opium,  11:32 pm  

I saw it. Twas great. It's sold out now though but I hear that they may be back for another run in September.

Anonymous,  6:50 pm  

Thanks for recommending this.My boyfriend and I really enjoyed it.

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