Monday, June 19, 2006

Poster on Adeola Odekun


Anonymous,  12:34 pm  

It should be "Adeola Odeku"

St Antonym 4:35 pm  

Everyone knows that the Indians are the number one "jazz artists."

The co-opting of Indian religious imagery for spiritual purposes in Nigeria is a fascinating article waiting to be written.

hansa,  12:53 pm  

a few years ago, i was in nigeria, for a bit. i am indian..
and i saw the ziddi hindu temple- a more run down version of the glitz shown here.
it was not too far from pen cinema.
i went to meet the man that runs it.
i dont remember his name, he was igbo i think.
i went into a place with a assortment of posters - hindu posters, sure, but also anything that could qualify as hocus pocus.
i chatted him up a bit, he cheerfully told me how he was busy rooking people.
he gave me a short ride to pen cinema, near where i was staying.;
so i asked him the question i was dying to ask him...
why call it
'ziddi hindu temple'
and for sure for sure, the answer is what i expected
ziddi ( cussed, stubborn) is the name of a very popular hindi action film- this guy had loved the film, and well, had named his 'temp[le' thus! he he
i miss nigeria

Lynda 9:11 am  

Last time when I called the owner of the so-called fake India temple in Nigeria, he asked me to bring dollars as if I pick it on street in Dallas. His poster should be removed from the walls. I confirmed his entire information from my friends in India, all are fake. Fellow Nigerians and world people be warned, dont get into 419 hand Send this message to as many as possible people world wide. Adeola Odekun, I have joined U. Tell the world, he is fake

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