Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Staffordshire moorlands: the mysterious Lud's Church

One of the strangest and most mystical places in the UK - Lud's Church. Mentioned as the 'Green Chapel' in Sir Gawain and the Green Night, alleged hide-out of Robin Hood (Sherwood forest is not so far away), worship place of the proto-protestant Lollards, and hidey hole for the counterfeiters of Flash (a nearby village - the highest in England) - from where the phrase 'flash money' comes from. Lud's Church is a spooky cleft in the landscape in the middle of a forest in North Staffordshire. Don't go there at night.


culturalmiscellany 9:39 am  

Never heard of this place which is odd given that I've always lived about 30 mins drive from it throughout my entire childhood. I think I'll take a visit next time I'm back with my parents in Derbyshire.

the flying monkeys 9:43 am  

Nice, it reminds me of my roots, Ilesha, Osun state

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