Sunday, June 04, 2006

A couple of good naija photoblogs

Barbie K - check the gorgeous picture of Obudu - Jide Alakija's work gets better and better. His post-production techniques are exquisite these days.


the flying monkeys 2:37 pm  

Wow, nice pics! Thanks for this post.

btw: Jeremy please check out my blog for a manifesto setting out how Nigeria can be improved. Posted by Renegade Eye.

Please, by all means, take a swing in the comments, too.

ifyNtemi 1:01 am  

i tut the cbn titled that as defacing d naira? anyway there's nothng so spectular,reminds me of d BAt bilboard along em maryland. oh my god my fav sng's on d radio*stretches horidly 2 increse volume knob* its davd mathew's band 'American baby'.hang on... cant find d remote...bites! wher's kemi? jst bookd a spot for d acces bank wara wara women forum, hope it foils fine. its 12.45am...argh!

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