Thursday, June 01, 2006

Naija on YouTube

Click here to see a Nigerian group on YouTube. If you've not heard of it: YouTube is part of the whole "web 2.0" movement of so-called me-media. You can post your home made videos online. Beware, 99.9% of stuff on YouTube is crap, but there is some good stuff. On Naijaspace, the best video posted so far is "Never Far Away", a music video by Lagbaja.


Anonymous,  12:24 pm  

I agree, a lot of stuff on here is just not worth bothering about...but it does list the funny "Mrs Omokerede" sketch from Lenny Henry...which cracks me up each time..BK

the flying monkeys 12:51 pm  

Lagbaja's music video is very nice. I think he is a very excellent artist.

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