Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nigeria on Google maps

Lagos from Google maps (click on the Satellite button). It doesnt offer up the same amazing scaling-in resolution of google mapping London or New York, but you get a good sense of the shape of the city and its size.

The Delta. If only it was as beautiful on the ground as it looks from space.


Anonymous,  7:41 am  

You can check Kano. It has good resolution on Google earth.

sokari 9:56 am  

The Delta - a boat ride along the creeks will tell you it is as beautiful and haunting as from the air - the spirit remains!

Nkem 12:00 pm  

It's amazing to see so much green around Lagos. Sharp contrast to the urban wasteland that characterises most the city itself.

obifromsouthlondon 12:20 pm  

incredible view. gotta revisit google earth.

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