Thursday, May 11, 2006

The collapse of the 3rd term?

The 3rd term brouhaha seems to be cancelling itself out: Northern politicians have created a wall of opposition, meaning the majorities required in both Houses are looking increasingly like a distant dream. One can anticipate a tipping point in the near future where everyone abandons the 3rd term ship, putting the PDP into potential free fall. A thought still lurks that all this narrative is part of a cunning master plan Baba has had up his sleeve for us all along..


Lagosboy 10:48 pm  

Does no one find it strange that a year till the elections there is not a "real" candidate in sight? When are they going to start campaigning or is that the whole point. Keep everyone guessing until it is too late and then the inevitable happens - 3rd term by default.mmm. Btw I have no objection to the third term. I object to the principle and the way he has gone about it. Regardless of what some people say from the outside looking in I feel that we have made some advancements in the last four years.IMHO.

Jeremy 9:43 am  

The smartest thing would have been to postpone constitutional amendments till after the election (many politicians called for this during the regional debates). As it is, there may end up being no constitutional amendments at all.

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