Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pat Utomi for president?

Here's an interesing interview with Pat Utomi on Elendu Reports, where he hints that he might be interested in running for the President. That would be a first in post-Independence Nigeria: an intellectual on the throne.


Nkem 11:13 am  

If his politicking or presidential skills are in any way as bad as his broadcasting skills, I despair for him. He'll win nothing. There are reasons intellectuals don't do well in politics: they're not ppopulists, and they won't compromise. Two things you need in a politician. It'd be good to see him run, and no doubt some people will vote for him. But is he electable? I think not.

adefunke 11:56 am  

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks his show is not hot!

Also critics don't do too well in politics, reference case Gani

Akin 1:31 pm  


I have posted a lengthy comment to this posting on my blog on the issue of people willing to die for Nigeria and framed my comments in the following statement.

If running for the presidency of the great country of Nigeria diminishes you or the presumed office of sage and visionary you hold, then you are definitely not worthy of leading the people of Nigeria.

2undeh 10:12 am  


You have a point. Intellectuals may not cut it in politics. The few that do, actually do an outstanding job. Case in point: Clinton was remarkably sound intellectually - unless of course, your stance is confined to Nigerian politics.

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