Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Artemisinin research..

My research on the anti-malaria wonder herb, artemesinin, continues. What we need is to grow artemsinin annua (known as sweet wormwood in Western herbal medicine) locally in Nigeria - to make a cheap complimentary therapy/preventative available en masse. Interestingly, one other type of artemesinin (absinthium) is an hallucinogenic traditionally used by native Americans, as well as being the herbal source of absinth.

Drying the annua leaves and drinking regularly as a tea may well be the absolutely best and safest form of prophylaxis. They are of course available in China but its a bit tricky getting hold of them (the Chinese are only just opening up on this one). Given China's renewed relationship with Nigeria, it would be great if there could be an exchange of herbal wisdom and knowledge-transfer in this area. Sweet wormwood is a magically curative plant, having demonstrated anti-cancer properties as well. Read this article here.

I've found somewhere in the States that sells 'em. Hopefully I'll be able to get hold of them before we return to Nigeria. Then we can get our green fingered guru Donatus to help us grow them.


Anonymous,  11:23 pm  

Greetings from Pepys Road Jeremy!

your post on artemisinin rang a little bell in some obscure part of my brain, which eventually, after a little googling around led me to:

It's worth thinking about....


Alex (of Alex and Wendy fame)

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