Sunday, May 14, 2006

Janded and looking back

Back in Jand since this early afternoon. Off to see the men in white coats manana to try and work out why my immune system is still down and out. The sky was grey and everyone stops as soon as the lights go to orange. Odd to be back in a control society after being 5 months-in-one-stretch in an uncontrol society.

Meanwhile, Obj's reported comments about being (and continuing to be) Commander-in-Chief a couple of days ago are a little worrying. Let's hope that the recent defeat of the 3rd term/tenure elongation project means he will go gracefully. After taking receipt of a new US$70m presidential jet last week, this might be a tough one. At this stage, it looks like Atiku/IBB have been outplaying the regime all the way. But let's not descend into Tell-esque politiko gossip. Nigeria is balanced on knife edge, between continued positive progressions and falling back into the dark old days. No one seems to know what is going to happen. Debt-relief and telecoms growth aside, one has to look back on the past 7 years of OBJ and ask how the poor masses have benefited, if at all. The power situation is worse, there are no new jobs, no one has access to potable water, kerosene prices have gone through the roof, the Delta is at boiling point while Shell et al continue to waste valuable gas by flaring. I don't believe in it, but one is almost reduced to prayer.


Nkem 10:55 pm  

Welcome to Jand!

Akin 7:20 am  


Gosh! You have taken on more slang than I can keep up with, had to check with a friend what Jand was.

Almost reduced to prayer? At least that gives you the opportunity to dream, hope, desire and begin to prepare your way out of despair.

Welcome to part of the realisation why the churches are fuller and religion holds sway.

tobs 2:10 pm  

Ironically I am also in Jand being treated for excessive malaria abuse. However I don't find the society that much better organised than Naija. The rule that if you ant something done you have to do it yourself applies here as well.

Gbenga,  4:29 pm  

Hi Jeremy

We seem to keep missing each other in the two respective countries! Would have loved to meet but I'm in Cairo for the next couple of months!

Trust you'll have a good time in Jand and hope you recover soon.

Monef 5:01 pm  

Hope you have a good time in Jand, feel better:)

Also hope you actually get to have that naijablogging gathering.

Mona 6:08 pm  

Hiya, I'm just discovering your blog....very interesting. Pls add my blog to your list of naija blogs. Keep Blogging...I look fwd to being informed!! xx

Olawunmi 6:54 pm  

welcome to jand jeremy!!

or should i say, "kaabo"? lol

j 7:52 pm  

welcome my true friend

funke,  7:52 pm  

ka bo

somborri,  5:08 am  

lala you said jand!

perhaps you will be saying wa gwan next and yankerz

i'm getting a blog next week...come visit!

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