Friday, May 05, 2006

Naijablog gathering?

I'm in the UK in early June. Perhaps we naijabloggers can have a little get together in London? Thanks for you nice messages about my Uncle Godfrey. He was a bucolic angel of sorts.


the flying monkeys 3:41 pm  

would be a great idea but on my part, I am hoping to be in Lay-gahs for Ayetoro's new release

you can soak up some samples here, however I must warn that it will be nothing compared to what is being released

anyhow, i am also hoping this does not coincide with your visit to the uk, as it would be a pleasure to be a part of the gathering

Anonymous,  7:35 pm  

Why was your uncle bucolic? Was he a farmer or keep sheep in his spare time?

culturalmiscellany 9:49 am  

If its an open invitation, I'm interested.

uknaija 11:56 am  

Would be good to meet

Anonymous,  7:03 pm  

Are Anonymous invited? As in those who frequent your site anonymously

Jeremy 2:10 pm  

ok I'll let you know when I'm in London and we'll arrange a time.

Mona 11:51 am  

Yep...there are so many circles of nigerian bloggers and photo bloggers out there that u can't even imagine. I beg to differ to the article which states that their are only 132 nigerian blogs on the internet.

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