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There's lot's of smoke and mirrors activity going on with the 3rd term. The press is full of allegations that various senators have been promised N100 million (with N50m initial payment) - with senators being spotted visiting banks in Abuja to pick up the cash (must be a lorry load!) Plus each pro-3rd term senator is allegedly being given a car. Who knows how true all this is? Meanwhile, This Day alleges (in yesterday's paper) that the govt-owned conglomerate Transcorp is funding the payments with Zenith Bank and UBA being the two main backers. It could of course all be being made up by the anti-third term lobby, but then again it could be true. AIT's live televising of the debate has put the senators under a lot of pressure, with many senators resisting pressure from within the PDP to vote for tenure extension.

What is the case is that the pilot electoral role information gathering exercise in Abuja has been an utter farce. Very few people know that the INEC exercise is going on. With the elections less than a year away and no realistic timetable for building a reliable electoral role, it looks like there are huge opportunities for the kind of massive vote rigging that plagued the elections in 2003. It seems that democracy is just not yet a strongly held enough value in Nigeria to counteract the pressures of patronage.


the flying monkeys 9:32 pm  

History truly moves in circles and we have been down this route several times.

Professor Wole Soyinka’s “A Shuttle in the Crypt”
Conversation at Night With a Cockroach" paints a bleak picture for humanity. The poet finds the actions of people to be worthy of cockroaches, not men. That humanity is lost in darkness.

Its about the same cycles of violence repeated over and over again.

the flying monkeys 12:31 am  

Is the worship of Sonponna still prohibited by the Nigerian constitution?

ayoke 9:54 am  

Obokun, it was never prohibited.

We're all waiting to see what happens with the third term madness. It's getting more interesting, though! I'm sure OBJ is working out his Plan B, which is probably grooming a successor. Something, I might add, he should have done way back.

Now, they're talking about secret voting. Very funny. Let's know the people voting for third term so posterity can deal with them accordingly, if we fail to do so now.

the flying monkeys 1:36 pm  


it would appear to have been prohibited going by the following, taken from the TIME archive

Smallpox Apotheosized
Jul. 2, 1923
Dr. Oguntola Shapara, Nigerian physician, was decorated by King George. Dr. Shapara discovered an African secret society which worshipped smallpox as a fetish. The members spread the disease as part of their rites, making it impossible for the health officials of Nigeria to stamp out the plague. Dr. Shapara was initiated into the society and took part in its secret ritual in order to learn how to combat it. With this knowledge the Government of the colony was able to abolish the clan and to control smallpox..."

its a fascist system: Nigerian gays are denied their rigths in this century

anyway here are some very important links

beautiful pic by MW

aduni olorisa!

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