Monday, May 29, 2006

In the shires

Back from Brooklyn. Spent a morning in an ER near where we were staying after what I thought were palpitations but I think were oesphageal contractions. An interesting experience being interviewed by a hyper alert Indian doctor - just like on the telly.

Had immense problems with the new Macbook we've bought (the launchpad of my filmic alter-ego) which involved three separate trips to the 5th Ave Apple Store and an eventual replacement machine. Not a very good entrypoint to the brand - especially as I wasted an extremely expensive Amtrak trip to a friend in Washington to put software on a machine that obstinately refused to work when I got there. I would load lots of interesting pix of our New York sojourn on the blog but for the lack of a usb drive on my parents 'puter. Oddly enough, I'm feeling better than I've felt for months. My body needed to breathe home air I guess - but still I want to fix an appointment with an accupunturist to see if there's some blocked chi in there. I've had enough of being ill for the next decade. Its funny, we've been away from Nigeria for only a couple of weeks and it seems a universe away. It's good to get some distance from the place before jumping back in. The next few months are going to be a huge push.

I watched Crash again this evening with my folks. It has to be one of my all time favourite films: the elegaic sound track, the frissions of racial expectations and projections, the connectedness and potential humanity stretched across LA scrubland and urban wasteland. A triumph of a film, with LA as protagonist and antagonist, opening up hope within the American racial nightmare. Back in London in the next few days before hopping back to the tropics..


Styl Council 3:02 pm  

CRASH is also one of my favourite films!! I really should see it again...Just to see if the same emotions of shock, dismay, disgust,bewildermen, hate, passion, understanding...Gosh..I definatly need to see it again.

Good to hear you're feeling better.

St Antonym 3:18 pm  

CRASH is unsubtle and, ultimately, panders to liberal stereotypes of the way race works. But, in my experience, race in America is a lot more subtle and a lot more insidious. There was something excessively mechanical about the plotting of CRASH.

But I enjoyed the film anyway, and I agree that the soundtrack was a dreamily apt counterpoint to the images. It held the film together very well.

The main song is called "In the Deep", and it's an original by Bird York. I was hoping it would win the Oscar for best song, but it wasn't to be.

St Antonym 4:17 pm  

Oh, and Don Cheadle is soulful and beautiful.

But he always is.

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