Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On earthly divinities

Saw a weird and unenjoyable film (called Brick) at my second favourite cinema - Curzon Soho this afternoon (is there anything lovelier and more of an indulgence than daytime matinees?), followed by two meetings with inspirational Nigerians (more later on this). So many Nigerians are making strong plans to do amazing things back home, it's exhilirating to be in the presence of such passion and anticipation. There might just be a tipping point or critical mass of change agents relocating in the near future. All this followed by Bibi and I going to one element of my earthly heaven, veggie restaurant Mildreds in West Soho.

I simply don't believe in an afterlife or a celestial zone of perfection in some fluffy elsewhere - as Blake and other mystics have known, these things can be found in the here and now if only we can reattune our senses and our spiritual perceptions to them. As we shared a porcini and ale pie with chunky chips and mushy peas laced with fresh mint (washed down with vegan hot chocolate), I reflected that in this finite realm, there are only a limited number of times left in which we will enjoy dinners together at Mildreds. The morale of this epihpany: I must enlarge this finite number as much as possible!


culturalmiscellany 10:13 am  

That Porcini and Ale pie is simply divine. I visited Mildreds after seeing you post on it last year. I have been back twice already. I am not a vegetarian yet I think its food is delicious.

grace,  10:45 am  

er...no desire to offend, but heaven sounds a lot funner than "porcini and ale pie with chunky chips and mushy peas laced with fresh mint"

Jeremy 10:51 am  

grace you have to try it first. but of course, we must all build our own palace of earthly delights.. what's yours?

culturalmiscellany 11:26 am  

I didn't say ale and porcini pie replaced heaven i just said it was a good stand-in whilst we are stuck on earth!

Jeremy 11:36 am  

well if there is a heaven, let's hope that Mildred's has a branch up there ;~)

grace,  6:20 pm  

hmm...I would have to say kindred spirits, good food, nature and books.

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