Thursday, June 22, 2006

Go Ghana go!

And now for some sparkling good news: Ghana Must Go (to the final 16)!


ayoke 6:39 pm  


Akin 7:19 pm  

Ghana must have done the African Haka and completely terrified the USA and as an armchair blog pundit, I did say there was probably an upset left in Ghana to make it into the second round.

Come on! Ghana! The Big Black Stars of Africa! Come on!

Boso 8:10 pm  

Naija people supporting Ghana, what next?

BK,  8:40 pm  

"Naija people supporting Ghana, what next?".... na condition make crayfish bend..

ayoke 9:26 pm  

Boso and bk, wetin we for do now? Go Ghana, go Ghana, go!!

Monef 2:39 am  

i grudgingly say go ghana go.....very grudgingly!

kemi,  11:57 am  

I'd been wondering when you were gonna catch on that the rest of the world is watching footie :p

Its about time you developed a taste for the game.

Chxta 2:35 pm  

To say that I am unhappy that even one CAF team made it into the second round is an understatement.

I am gutted!

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