Thursday, January 25, 2007

419 calls - tips and advice please

I had another 419 call this morning, "Hey how you doing? How's your family? I'm calling from London!" with a dodgy Nigerian accent. I really want to learn how to scam the scammers and play these guys along. Perhaps I was too obvious this time round. I replied thus, "How are you too? I'm fine. I'm really interested in you transferring some money into my account, just to help you out. Shall I give you my bank details?" He seemed a little offended, and after abusing me and my father, he hung up. Please my dear readers, what can I do to waste these people's phone bills and mess their heads just a little more next time?


Anonymous,  11:46 am  

Try the tips on

Anonymous,  1:21 pm  

as Christian Writer said, 419 eater is great.

For christmas I recieved Scamorama I haven't started reading it yet but it's next in my book pile.

LM,  2:16 pm  

Play along, tactic for tactic, what they ask for.

Someone forwarded me a taped telephone conversation btw a smart foreigner and 419 people. It's such a shame I don't have it anymore but basically the white man played along and got the Nigerians to book themselves in a hotel in Ireland, cover expenses etc. with their money.

At the appointed time for the meeting, he called them from another country and laughed at them. They threatened fire and brimstone etc and the Irish man called them "mugus" and really had a good laugh. It was refreshing.....

One incident relating to my work - when I found out the businessmen who wanted to "buy" boats from abroad gave conflicting stories and with questionable integrity (forged docs etc.), I cut him off and declined to take his business interest further. The guy cursed me, sent me texts for almost 2 weeks, praying destruction in my life and stating I won't retain my position beyond Decemeber 06. He said he was a Christian from Redeemed Church (!)and that every prophesy shall come to pass because he has asked God. Eh???? I replied his text once with "God bless you" (tee hee, let them burn with shame....) and ignored the rest. My spouse told me not to worry about it that he would evenually tire himself out since no one, no matter how much hatred he's fuelled by, will continuously harrass you. The fraudster eventually got tied and stopped. Got to be honest, the first few texts were really bad.... 419ers!

dami,  4:25 pm  

you play dumb and greedy,and keep repeating their questions

Anonymous,  5:49 pm  

Business must be good for the 419 chaps, I recall phone calls do not come cheap in Nigeria.

Through these eyes 7:55 am  

Jeremy! Welcome back to blogville. How was your vacation?

P.S. Can we get some pics please. Ok, alright. Can I get some pics please?

Through these eyes 7:58 am  

I think your response was brilliant. Must have totally caught the idiot off-guard. Next time, just snatch him up through the ear-piece. Words don't really mean much these days. ;)

question is how do they even get your home nos in the first place. That's a bit scary, don't u think?

Lurker,  5:10 pm  

LOL!!!! These ppl r really serious o!! They have taken this a notch up. And here i am in the states defending Naija and the recent news segment on Naija 419 only to find out they have taken it a notch up. MeeeeennnN!!!! ***shaking head in disgust***

Anyways, here's what u do, they called u, u didn't call them so ur credit is in tact abi?? Dunno how that works again, but!!! Engage them...act like u're really interested. Whip out the british accent and act like u're a dumb blonde, and try to get information out them. Play with their minds and use psychology on the end, tell'em that U already know who their supplier is and u already brokered a better deal with him personally and that if they call ur line again, u will send EFCC on their lyin a$$....dat shld work.

I had one email me talking ish about moving money...i told him not worry dat i already moved that money n will be going shopping with it. These heffas irritate me, but i can't entirely blame them....brings me back to the government and the economical ish going on there n it pains me!
Have a great one!

uknaija 1:56 pm  

Are you in London?

Anonymous,  2:28 pm  

My boyfriend's dad takes the calls but doesn't say anything, and the mugus end up shouting "Hello? Hello?" wasting their credit..

P.S. Have MOVED my blog to so could you be so kind as to change the link you've put on your page?

Will hopefully see you on there soon, although you probably have no interest in the issues I'm currently discussing xxx

Anonymous,  9:41 am  

Where have I been? I love your blog. I am so linking you right now.

If you have an e-mail address, I can send you a rather interesting phone conversation I received lasst year. It's about how the "mugu" flipped the tables on his 419ers. Perhaps you've heard it?

It's rib cracking.

Kpakpando 8:32 pm  

You can

- pretend the call isn't clear in the middle of their sentence, and interrupt them and say Hello, Hello, Speak up now, I can't hear you.. hello!!! When they address it, tell them that its clear now, then repeat as necessary
- tell them to hold on a minute and pretend to carry a conversation with someone else, mention money somehow like "hey Rita, please don't forget to go to bank and get that money, I need it for the weekend"
- ask them to hold on while you get a pen, then spell back everything to them
- say very few things in english, like yes, hello, i like, then switch to a completely different langauge, even if you have to make one up yourself.

These daggone 419ers work my last nerve; imagine if they invested the same amount of energy into legitimate ventures.

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