Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chief Exec job advert - please pass on..


CEO Position

About New Entity
DFID Nigeria has engaged in a partnership with the Ford Foundation Office of West Africa to serve as catalysts for the emergence of a Nigerian organization that would support changes in the financial sector towards making financial markets work for the poor. The initiative has been inspired by the FinMark Trust Programme in South Africa which supports and promotes institutional and organizational development towards the objective of increasing access to financial services by the un- and under-served of southern Africa.

The Nigerian entity will: a) address the information gaps in Nigeria's financial markets through the annual implementation of the Finscope Nigeria survey, b) engage in policy-related advocacy and, c) through an innovation fund, support innovation by service providers seeking to explore new market segments.

This entity will be managed as an independent and professional nonprofit organization. It will actively seek financial investments and strategic partnerships with Nigeria's leading financial institutions as well as collaborations with key public sector organizations.

The CEO will be expected to:
1. Report to and work closely with a Board of Directors, composed of leaders from the Nigerian public, private and nonprofit sector
2. Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the start-up and growth of the entity. Key focus areas include:
- Improving the level of credible market information to regulators and the private sector
- Assisting the private sector to lobby for a regulatory framework and financial sector policy that facilitates a broader and more balanced financial sector
- Managing an innovation fund that incentivises financial institutions to develop robust products that deepen the financial sector
3. Establish strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions in Nigeria who will serve as investors in and beneficiaries of the programmes and services offered by the entity
4. Oversee the implementation of the annual FinScope Nigeria survey, and manage the coordinator of this survey.
5. Create and manage the entity's brand, actively promoting the programmes, services and impact of the entity through different media.
6. Serve as the spokesperson for the entity, representing it at local and international meetings that will enhance the profile and the work of the entity
7. Manage the entity's budget and ensure transparency, and efficiency in the use of the entity's funds, with the aim of ensuring that the entity becomes self sustaining by its 3rd year of operations
8. Cultivate and manage relationships with all funders and supports
9. Prepare regular reports on the impact of the entity for all funders and supports
10. Manage the entity's staff and its office operations
11. Oversee any other tasks that may emerge as a result of the establishment and growth of the entity

Qualifications Required
A minimum of a post graduate degree, preference for an MBA
Over 10 years of experience of managerial experience in the international business or development arena
Evidence of strong networks in the Nigerian private, public and nonprofit sector
Demonstrable knowledge and interest in financial markets, research, investments and advocacy
Strong interpersonal, communication and writing skills
Proven entrepreneurial ability and capacity to work with significant autonomy
A high level of integrity and preparedness to keep stakeholders informed
Strong indication of passion for Nigeria's development and commitment to the developmental objectives of the entity

Salaries & Benefits
Salaries will be competitive and will be commensurate with experience.

Preferred Start Date: On or before April, 2007.

Send all CVs and evidence of research experience to [email protected] on or before 5 p.m. on February 10th, 2007.


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