Saturday, January 20, 2007

Surulere babe

More recently uploaded Lagos photos here.


My Talking Beginnings 5:55 pm  

Jeremy, could i ask why you posted this picture? I mean, what is your point?

Jeremy 8:23 pm  

I dont understand the question. Do images have to always have a point? To answer your question, I liked her look. Do you feel like accusing me of something?

Anonymous,  10:30 pm  

come on! i grew up in lere - there are much more prettier girls there.

Anonymous,  12:41 am  

@ Jez - "Do you feel like accusing me of something?"
Yes! Roaming.
Happy new year

My Talking Beginnings 2:05 am  

Of course images always have a point, thats the whole idea! As the point was lost on me, i had to find out what it was....that's was the reason for the question! No need to be defensive or is there?

Anonymous,  5:16 am  

i think she looks very nice. thanks for the pic

Anonymous,  6:31 am  

MTB is their a point to your question? please share it.

deola,  12:54 pm  

she embodies surulere to me.

Anonymous,  5:03 pm  

The striking red shirt against the dark black skin, the twisty tendrils of hair, the look on her face. These (and possibly more) are all reasons why this picture is fascinating.

Jeremy 5:06 pm  

what a pleasant surprise on a Sunday - Fred agreeing with me! Sadly, I didnt get her number to pass on to you..

Anonymous,  6:19 pm  

This is a fascinating picture. Its funmy how people and images can embody and remind us places. Deola, you are right,she embodies Surulere to me too. I don't know why, but I really like this picture.

Anonymous,  10:47 pm  

hell no! she embodies yaba.

Anonymous,  12:20 am  

Jeremy: Now I know you hate me--the missus would have my hide with talk like that! ;)

Anonymous,  9:14 am  

No she embodies JC (short for Ajegunle City)and the ghetto chic there.

Gbemi's Piece 10:13 pm  

Black and Beautiful.

chidi 12:20 pm  

i find it hard to believe that we do not have beta looking gals in naija. in other words...bad pic

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